Thursday, January 5, 2017

I'm sure next year will be better....

Christmas is over; huge sigh of relief here.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas in theory.  All of the kids snuggled up near the sparkling Christmas tree reading Christmas books together planning all sorts of random acts of service to do.  It's just never actually like that in my world.  And then I feel guilty that it's not and then I wonder what I'm doing wrong, and then I wonder what's wrong with my kids and then I go berserk because the house is cluttered to the max and I'm out of tape again and I forgot about 6 different people's gifts and I over-bought for one kid and completely under-bought for another so I get to go shopping at 2:00pm on Christmas Eve again to try and even things out.

But the past is in the past and I'm sure next year I'll have budgeted $6000 so I have enough money, and I'll have a graph to keep track of equality, and I'll have two trees.  One that's pretty and blog-worthy, and one that's homey and has all the sentimental, homemade elementary school ornaments draped unevenly on it.  Because I'm going to be amazing next year and it's going to be AWESOME.  But I'm so flipping happy right now because I finally got the last of the Christmas crap put in my garage (Dan cleaned the garage and I could not be more in love with him for it) and out of my house and I feel like a new person.  Plus the kids are back in school.  Happy Day!

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