Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Everyone Survived!

Hey everybody,

Guess what?  I survived and so did my kids.  It was awesome, fun, and invigorating to  have some time to myself (and I never even cried and everyone survived) and now I'm pumped and ready to schedule some more time to travel.  I can totally see how once you get out of your house and see how a tiny glimpse of another life, you want to see more.  It's addicting, and I want to share that with my family.  I want THEM to go and see different parts of the country and eventually, other countries too.  
I went to Pennsylvania to visit my Brother, Sister-in-law, and their three kids.  They had just moved into a beautiful, charming home in a gorgeous rolling hills neighborhood.  They had already done a ton of work updating the house with new counter tops, flooring, paint so I got to do the fun part, decorating.  It was so much fun.  I also got to go to a pretzel factory, some fun, unique restaurants, Chocolate World and to Lancaster, the Amish town and go on a buggy ride and find out more about the Amish beliefs.  But the best part was getting to know and bond with my brother and his family more.  I will never forget this trip and all the memories and stories we shared.  And that is what I think is the most important thing in life; enjoying and making time for family. 

I posted several photos from my trip on my instagram @kelliemcclure One of the cutest things was my 12 year old got dressed up in his suit and tie to greet me at the airport with a cardboard sign with my name on it that he had made.  It was so unbelievably adorable.  It was one of my greatest moments; being back home and seeing my beautiful children waiting for me.  I'm one luck mama.  


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