Thursday, May 12, 2016

If You're Having A Bad Day - Call My Sister

Look how cute my sis it.  Don't let her cuteness fool you....I've never met anyone with worse luck than Katie.  Her life is stranger than fiction.  Short story to illustrate:

Her kids missed the bus (a regular experience I must admit).  Of course it's raining and well you Moms know how it is.  If they're not too late, you can just drop the little nuggets off, watch them run with their "packpacks" bouncing on their running bums and dream sweet dreams of going home to some peace and quiet for the next 7ish hours  If they're not too late there's no need to check them in.

But, if they are too late then you have to find a parking space, walk in, give an apologetic smile to the secretary, fill out a "check in/out" form with an excuse i.e. "my kids and I struggle with time management".  It's a much bigger deal if you catch my drift.  So in order to avoid the whole check in scene as soon as they walked back through the door to announce they missed the bus she hopped to it.  "Get in the car! Hurry!" and ran vigorously to her new Sequoia, in pajama pants, with no shoes, no bra, in the rain.   She was motivated.

But, her kids were too late.

Once the "packpacks" were hung on their pegs, Katie went on her way.  With only Clarabelle, their new boston terrier puppy, to keep her company Katie hopped in and turned the ignition with exciting plans to shower, get dressed and get on with her vacuuming, dish washing, and clothes folding fun for the day.

As she started driving, the red blinking gas gauge finally caught her attention and she remembered she was dangerously low on gas.  As the wipers whipped back and forth she could see a blurry sign up ahead "Flying J"  she coasted there and sighed with relief when she made it.  She started filling up her tank.  To keep the rain out, and Clara from making a run for it, she shut the door.  Just as she bent over to shake the remaining droplets of gas into her tank and return the pump she saw cute little Clarabelle perch onto the window sill and "click".  Clarabelle's paw stepped on the the "lock" button.  After a few moments of trying to get the puppy to accidentally hit the "unlock" button she realized it was useless.  

Let's re-cap shall we?  The rain was pouring down, Katie was bra-less, shoe-less, in soggy-bottomed pj pants at a gas station with her keys locked in her new SUV.  Her husband was hours away at work.  Her puppy, along with her phone were locked out of reach.  Without any other options, she tip-toed into the gas station with arms folded across her chest and asked the clerk for permission to borrow their phone.  Luckily her hubs answered and she found out that he is a genius.  "I taped a spare key to the back side of the license plate. Just borrow a screw driver, screw off the license plate, and you're good."  "Thanks babe!" She said as relief flooded her.

Once the plate was removed, the key un-taped, Katie returned the screw driver and happily opened the door to smell the worst smell ever.  Dog poop.  Poop trapped in a humid car with no ventilation,  their brand new car for that matter. 

I'm pretty sure you can see why my day never seems that bad after a good chat with Katie.

Did I greet a gas station clerk bra-less?  Did I tip-toe barefoot through the school today?  Did my puppy poop in my brand new SUV?  No? then I'm having a great day! I'm going to enjoy it. Hope you are having a great day too.



  1. Poor lady! It seems some people have all the bad luck! ;)

    1. For sure! Katie definitely has her fair share. Thanks for commenting. :) You are always so supportive!