Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween DIY costume - Greek Goddess

I love Halloween, I really do.  I get super excited about it around September but then as the actual holiday approaches I start getting anxious because I have 5 kids, yo, that's a lotta costumes
 to assemble, buy, perfect.  AND, that's mucho dinero out of the bank if I let them look as awesome as we all want.  That's not even considering how many times the 5 kids are going to change their mind 2 days before the trunk or treat. My parents theory of Halloween was, go outside and find something in the barn that will work.  I was a cowboy or a scarecrow a lot.  My Dad was legit at makeup so it usually worked out all right. I mean there were a few mishaps like when I was Pippy Longstocking in 3rd grade and my long underwear had a "pooping flap" that was flapping in the wind at the elementary Halloween parade but luckily a PTA Mom saved the day and safety pinned my little cheeks back into "school appropriate" places.  So I've been working on some "use what you have" ideas and add a little DIY to make a "Kids are Happy, Mom is Happy" kind of Halloween that I thought I'd share. 

 First up is the Greek Goddess

Here's what you'll need:
A white dress of some sort (used my older daughter's baptism dress)
Gold Braided ribbon (I got mine at Wal-mart)
Gold Leaf Headband (I own a hair accessory company called Chloe Reese so this was easy for me and you can order it on Etsy if you want, it's $10.00 or you can make your own with the gold ribbon you're already buying)
Gold Glitter (optional but fun...i just put some water on her cheeks and sprinkled a little glitter on and it stayed)
My 8 year old son added that if you got some of those Gold temporary tattoos that would be a fun addition too, I agree.
I didn't do this but you SHOULD make some little arm bands with the extra gold ribbon. Just measure around her arm and hot glue Vel-cro to each end.

To add the gold braided trim to the dress I just wrapped it around the waist line, crisscrossed it around the bodice and tied it in back (trimming the excess to use for either arm bands, or a headband, or both!)

And there you have it!   A beautiful Greek Goddess ready to rock the elementary costume parade!

Here's the direct link to the headband if you're interested: Greek Goddess Headband

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