Monday, May 16, 2016

Family Photo Tips - Plus My Family Photo Gallery

1. Take photos all the time.  Not only will you be happy you have all those moments captured, your kids will be well versed in family photo etiquette. aka look at the camera, pretend you're happy, hold still, take your fingers out of your nose.  You get the idea.  We definitely have had our bad moments....but I feel like my kids have been trained.  They know that the sooner they cooperate, the sooner we're done.  Sometimes the best photos turn out to be ones we didn't necessarily plan.  We just took the time to stop and take a few unplanned family pictures and they will be a treasure to our family forever. 

2. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.  No amount of preparation will always guarantee a perfect family photo op.  But hungry, sleep deprived, sick children are a sure way to have a terrible experience. Make sure you have extra, back up clothes for the spit up that hit your sleeve the moment you picked up your baby.  Treats, bribery, threats, I'm all for them. A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to family photos. 
3. Find a way to laugh. True joy and laughter will deliver the best pictures.  Spank Daddy and chase him around a bit to make the kids giggle.  Do a somersault and tickle their toes.  Be the crazy fun mom that kids love to have around. 

4. Don't wait until you have the perfect outfits to get pictures taken.  Do I LOVE shopping my heart out to find the perfect coordinating outfits?  Yes.  But I can't always do that.  And I've found that I love the pictures that weren't so coordinated just as much as the ones that were.

5. Find a photographer who has your style.  Every photographer has a different style that they just naturally capture.  If you look through a photographers blog and you see only a couple of pics you like then you want to keep looking.  This photographer probably isn't your style.  If you love every single photo they took?  Book em.

If you want to read about more about funny family photo memories, go here.

Gallery of my family photos over the years. 

Since we were all dressed up anyway, we got a quick snap-shot at my brother's wedding. 

  One of my all-time favorites. 

Cade stepped in bird poop about 5 secs before this photo and was so so mad.  
But he still smiled....kind of. :) 
I love the colors in this one.

                                                        No, one's matching and it's ok
                Totally sucking-in, as hard as I could since I was 4 months pregnant with Crew. 

                                              I spent $0 dollars on clothes because we were
                                       wicked poor.  But I don't care.  Those faces are too cute!

        This photo is beyond precious to me.  It captures true JOY!
And relief that I'm no longer pregnant. 
And Cysie got into my bronzer and I didn't know it and my face shows it.  :)

So happy everyone looked at the camera.  So so happy.  
See it was totally worth it guys...right?

                                           Freezing our ear lobes off but smiling out of fear!

                                            My teeth aren't photo-shopped at all.  They really
                                            are florescent white.  lol


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